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Parallel Kitchen Interior Design - Make your kitchen the best place to visit in your home with the Parallel Kitchen Interior Design. Let's get in touch to discuss the same in further. 
Parallel Shaped Kitchen Manufacturers - Parallel Kitchen Interior Design layouts are a relatively new concept where two kitchen platforms along with their cabinets operate parallel to each other. Dense and convenient, the Parallel Kitchen Interior Design is a favorite with small condo residents or those who have a space constraint. 
Parallel Kitchens are designed based on the place structure and operate seamlessly for homes with a space crunch. It gives a large amount of storage and is especially made for efficient usage of space, with cabinets that run on both sides of the kitchen. Parallel interior designs are perfect for older existing houses, where not much re-arranging is required, or where re-modeling can be done. 
Parallel Shaped Kitchen Manufacturers - These designs are available in a multitude of colors or can even be painted according to your desired beautiful color to enhance the sense of space. Parallel Kitchen Interior Design - We must keep our eyes and minds open while selecting the accurate price for a Parallel Kitchen Interior Design. Of course, modular kitchens are made once in a decade but you never want to repent those years for the price you paid or the vendor who burnt your pocket.
Parallel Kitchen Interior Design - Always go for the kitchen planning quotations first which provide you with in-depth explanations on every space utilization in your kitchen and show accountability of every single screw used in your parallel kitchen.
Parallel Kitchen Interior Design - If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen interior to a beautiful Parallel Kitchen Interior Design, all you have to do is pick up your mobile and call us. We are just a call away from you. Don’t wait to give your kitchen a makeover that you will love.

Parallel Kitchen Design is one of the most prominent Modular Kitchen design layout in the kitchen industry which is still a popular alternative among cooking experts, or simply homemakers who are all about functionality and productivity. Whether you are selecting your kitchen designs or renovating a new one, if space-saving, productivity, transparency, and efficiency are at the top of your preference list, you could consider the Parallel Kitchen Interior Design layout. Parallel Kitchen Interior Design layout is for those homemakers who take the business of cooking seriously.

Design Ideas for Every Indian Home
In domestic homes like middle-class personalities that not only have small-sized but also massively reliant on a variety of types of furniture, cupboards, utensils, appliances, groceries, and other types of facilities, such a design does great justice to setting it all together, while still resembling smooth, classy, and fashionable.

This is where Wudley Modulars comes in!
If you’re building a new modular kitchen layout or refurbishing an old one, search through these top-rated convenient modular kitchen design layouts for ideas that would satisfy any Indian family. And don’t forget to inform us which one you liked the most.

Wudley Modulars is one of the well-established Parallel Shaped Kitchen Manufacturers and traders in India. With the classic and stylish Parallel Kitchen Interior Design, we allow our valuable clients to utilize the parallel walls of their kitchens space to have the cooking, working, serving, and storage areas.

The Heart of Every Home
Modular Kitchens being the hub of activity for the home, it is extremely suggested to have one layout that extends its activities. There are several options obtainable for modular kitchen layout designs that are a knockout with first-time homeowners. Parallel Kitchen Interior Design is one such design. It is also known as Galley kitchens are a fabulous kitchen layout. It is essentially used in small spaces to get the most counter area.

Parallel Kitchen Interior Design - ideal if two people want to cook simultaneously. Being one of the trusted manufacturers, we allow you to have kitchen designs that suit your needs and requirements. We are capable to give you various parallel kitchen designs from which you can easily choose your favorite ones. Just get in touch with us to know more about our services.

What is the Modular Kitchen Work Triangle?
A well-organized plan is important in any flourishing operation environment. When it comes to your home, the kitchen detects the most action in a day. Consequently, skillful interior designers installed a ‘work triangle’ that must be maintained while planning a modular kitchen layout to increase efficiency, production, and richness. The three (3) key points of this triangle are the fridge, the stove, and the sink. These factors are the most commonly used elements of the modular kitchen.

In a Parallel Kitchen Interior Design layout, the 'work triangle' is the most prominent design as there are two contradictory platforms, the triangle is visible on its own. One side of the counter is entirely devoted to the stovetop and cooking space. While the reverse side of the layout houses the refrigerator and the washbasin respectively.

Create a Modular Kitchen According to Vastu Shastra
According to Vastu, a Parallel Kitchen interior design is the most desirable fit for your home. If you have the power to create a kitchen layout from scratch, it is considerably easy to connect both Vastu and the work triangle with a Parallel design layout. However, if for you Vastu comes ahead then here is an expert-approved method.

Special rules in our Vastu should be grasped correctly. If concerns like the location of the stove and electrical appliances, or the shape of the platform are sorted out already, the kitchen already fits Vastu-compliant. Then we can proceed with installing the 3 elements that complement the work triangle.

Complimentary characteristics of the parallel kitchen layout designs are:

  • Makes the most excellent use of the available area
  • Suitable for tiny to medium-sized modular kitchens
  • No corner area is used so furniture can be easily combined
  • Restricts your kitchen from feeling unenlightened
  • Strategically installed brightness to lighten the space

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Given the dimension of parallel kitchen, there are various costs that you have to receive. In parallel kitchens design, you generally need less countertop space, therefore, less investment there. This design also gives for an inadequate area so you can make do with fundamental appliances. To know how a parallel kitchen design can seamlessly implement into your home, let's book a free consultation today with our specialist professionals.

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